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Paramount Clean has been committed for over 35 years to provide and facilitate high-quality professional cleaning services that meet or exceed all our customers’ expectations.


Paramount Clean will provide a FREE proposal/estimate with no obligations. Your proposal/estimate will be designed from our signature services with a written, detailed description of all services to be performed for your specific type of business and needs. We promise to exceed all your expectations and will provide you with a great service you can only experience with Paramount Clean and our associates.

Medical Facilities/Doctor’s Offices:

Paramount Clean has a unique cleaning program with experienced personnel who are specialized in cleaning medical offices/facilities of all types and sizes. We can design a cleaning plan that takes into consideration the very specific needs of businesses in the medical field in accordance with OSHA regulations and procedures.


All Office Equipment:

Computers, phones, copiers faxes, and televisions etc. We will feather dust, damp wipe using an appropriate mild cleanser on all vertical, horizontal and bottom of surfaces to clean and ensure that all equipment is dust, dirt, prints, and grease free.


Wall Hangings & Fixtures:

Artwork, plaques, shelves, lights, vents, blinds, windowsills, doors, etc. are hand dusted and wiped gently using a mild non-build-up soap detergent with a treated cloth to remove all dust, dirt, stains, and spills.


All Mirrors and Glass:

All windows, wall mirrors, glass doors, glass partitions and glass walls are washed, squeegeed or windexed using a mild soap degreasing solution to clean and remove all prints, stains, smudges, grime, and grease.


All Office Furniture:

Desktop, tabletop, countertop, cabinets, overhead bins, chairs, etc. all vertical and horizontal surfaces to be feather dusted or vacuumed, damp-wiped and sanitized. All wood, glass, chrome and Formica furniture will be wiped clean with a natural cleanser and polish using an appropriate treated cloth and polish.


Spot Clean:

All walls, doors, doorknobs, switch plates, kick plates, etc. will be cleaned using sanitizing detergent solution to remove all prints, spills, and stains.



All countertops, sinks, bowls, urinals, walls, partitions and dispensers will be scrubbed, damp wiped and disinfected. For floors, we remove all movable things to get into small areas and corners to sweep, mop and scrub entire bathroom floor by using treated brooms, scrub brushes, mops, and cloths with disinfectant solutions.  All dispensers will be refilled.



All carpets, area rugs, and mats in all rooms, hallways, entrances, stairs, and landings will be vacuumed. This includes moving all moveable things to get into corners and small areas using a commercial grade vacuum cleaner to get all dust, dirt, and debris.


Spot Clean Carpet & Hard Surface Floors:

All carpeted floors will be spot cleaned as necessary with a spotting solution to remove stains, grease, oils, paint, and gum. All hard surface floors will be hand scraped to remove gum, tar and scuff marks.


Floors Swept and Mopped:

All vinyl, ceramic, linoleum, granite, marble floors, etc. will be cleaned of all dirt, stains, scuff marks and gum thoroughly by moving all moveable furniture and equipment to get into all corners to sweep, vacuum, scrub and mop all areas by using treated sweeping tools, and the appropriate cleanser and disinfecting solution designated for each type of floor.



All wastebaskets and containers will be emptied and discarded boxes are broken down. All garbage will be consolidated and stacked in an area designated by the customer. All wastebaskets and trash containers will be washed and disinfected (as needed).


Carpet Cleaning/Shampooing:

All carpets and rugs will be vacuumed. Any stains will be pre-treated using a degreasing sanitize carpet detergent with a deep steam cleaning machine to extract all dirt, stains, and grease. Carpets will then be sprayed with a special solution to protect against spills, stains, and dirt.


Floor Stripping:

When floor stripping is required, all moveable objects will be cleared away and the floors will be swept and vacuumed before applying stripping solution on floor and baseboards to remove old wax, dirt and scuff marks.  This includes hand scrubbing all baseboards and scraping all corners open areas by using a heavy-duty commercial stripping machine.  The floors will then be rinsed with a neutralizing solution.


Floor Waxing:

Three (3) coats of 25% solid high gloss floor finish (wax) will be coated evenly and allowed to dry to a hard finish.  Anything that is moved will then be replaced in their original locations and the floors buffed a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours later.


Floor Buffing:

Floors will be prepared by sweeping/vacuuming all areas to be buffed then mopped floor clean with a neutralizing solution after all floors are totally dry. The floors will be spray-buffed in all waxed areas with a high-speed buffing machine and buffing solution to harden floor finish (wax) and bring out a beautiful shine.


Kitchen/Employee Lounge:

All counter tops, table tops, sinks, microwaves, refrigerators, and stoves will be dusted, washed, sanitized and damp wiped clean with a sanitizing solution to remove all food, spills, dirt, and stains.


Specialized Services:

We do offer other specialized cleaning services for all types of businesses that are not listed in our signature services above. If there is a specific service or need you may have, please contact us for more information and other available services Paramount Clean can provide.

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