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Over 35 years ago, I started this office cleaning company on trust, integrity, price, and service that is still paramount in my company today. I started with a simple idea that still separates Paramount Clean from the competition today: (1) evaluate customer cleaning needs; (2) create a plan to meet those needs; and (3) with attentive, thorough and responsible service, offer the best cleaning experience available.


Paramount Clean's FREE consultation service has been providing specialized cleaning solutions for many years to businesses looking for a great cleaning service with the right leadership, price and customer satisfaction.  We make a point to meet or exceed all your cleaning needs. Paramount Clean's FREE referral service helps us understand all of your cleaning needs before we start.  In this way, we are able to fulfill and exceed our customers’ expectations.


Paramount Clean's signature service was created in response to a real demand for expert and proficient cleaning solutions from our customers.  Professionalism is your mandate and our promise. By giving Paramount Clean and our associates the opportunity to provide a great service for all your cleaning needs, you can expect and receive the same proficiency, care, and dedication we are committed to providing to all our customers.


Thank you again for considering us at Paramount Clean for all your cleaning needs.  We are looking forward to meeting with you to discuss our signature service and the value and benefits we provide.


Thank you,​


Phil G

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